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After Sunday offers resources that cover the main areas of vocation, reflective living, discipleship, and work (in addition to a set of resources focused on the essence of “After Sunday” thinking). Each set of resources is made up of between six and eight sessions and are free to download.

Celebrate Your Work focuses on the work we do on a daily basis as something to be celebrated, not endured.

Church Innovations offers a variety of tools to assist congregations in discerning and focusing on their mission. You’ll want to put to work a small book by Pat Taylor Ellison and Patrick Keifert, Dwelling in the Word: Deep Listening to God and One Another (Robbinsdale, MN: Church Innovations, 2008).

Episcopalians on Baptismal Mission serves as an advocate and a resource for furthering all Christians in living out their Baptismal promises in their missions and ministries in daily life within the Episcopal Church.

Faith@Work is a New Zealand group that “resources Christians to work out their faith as they are out working.” The site points toward books, articles, links and papers related to career and life planning, the theology of work, everyday spirituality, ethics for the marketplace, and the ministry of the laity.

Foundations for Laity Renewal exists to serve God by creating opportunities for people to encounter God for the transformation of daily life, work, and our world.

The High Calling is focused on everyday conversations about work, life, and God with a broad range of articles, interviews, devotionals, videos, and inspirational stories specifically created to help integrate one’s faith with work, family, and the broader culture.

The London Institute of Contemporary Christianity equips Christians and churches for whole-life discipleship in the world.

Marketplace Institute is an initiative of Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia that takes the gospel public by connecting faith with all of life. The provide a newsletter, a variety of conferences and articles, and a congregationally based program entitled, “ReFraming” that is designed to help in radical sending.

Marketplace Leaders is a voice and agent to create tools that inspire, teach, and connect Christian believers to resources and relationships in order to manifest the life of Christ in their workplace call.

Member Mission is a congregationally based organization focused on “equipping the Saints” for their missions in the world.

Passionary: Ordinary People Making Waves is an initiative of the American Baptist Home Mission Societies in which “passionaries” are the spear point of a radical twenty-first century mission model. They produce a weekday publication, “WORD and WITNESS” and monthly resource, “Everyday Mission,” inviting participants to “walk wet” and answer the call to discipleship, community, and justice.

Princeton Faith and Work Initiative generates intellectual frameworks and practical resources for the issues and opportunities surrounding faith and work. The Initiative investigates the ways in which the resources of various religious traditions and spiritual identities shape and inform engagement with diverse workplace issues as ethics, values, vocation, meaning, purpose, and how people live out their faith in an increasingly pluralistic world. The Initiative explores pressing marketplace topics, including ethics, global competition and its ramifications, wealth creation and poverty, diversity and inclusion, conflicting stakeholder interests, and social responsibility.

St. Benedict’s Work+Shop has a mission of discipling individuals, small groups, and congregations in the life-giving ways of Jesus. The Work+Shop takes its name from the fourth chapter of the Rule of St. Benedict, a set of guidelines for the monastic life developed in the sixth century CE. By using this name, The Work+Shop is signaling its commitment to offer a way for Christian laity to become skilled in the tools of the spiritual craft in all aspects of daily life. Their offerings include a small number of weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly reflection groups, weekly classes in San Antonio, and online biblical studies for individuals, groups, and leadership teams. Materials are appropriate not only for people who have been Christians for a long time, but for those who are just wondering whether following Jesus might be worthwhile.

The Scattering is the site for Dwight DuBois’ recent book of the same name. The site aims to connect people who have a passion for connecting faith and life and to offer a forum for sharing experiments and resources.

The Theology of Work Project offers a Biblical perspective on faith and work from an independent, international organization dedicated to researching, writing, and distributing materials with a biblical perspective on non-church workplaces.

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