Some of the published works mentioned in Radical Sending are unavailable or very difficult to find on the web. We have published them on this site, and they’re linked below. We’ve also  included a list of useful articles and a bibliography, should you choose to do further reading. You’re welcome to recommend other such works that are worth sharing. Use the contact form below.

Hard to find:

Articles worth noting

Selected bibliography

  • Diehl, William H. Ministry in Daily Life: A Practical Guide for Congregations. (Alban Institute Publication No. 174.) Washington, DC: Alban Institute, 1996.
  • DuBois, Dwight. The Scattering – Imagining a Church That Connects Faith and Life. Eugene, Oregon: Wipf & Stock, 2015.
  • Larive, Armand E. After Sunday: A Theology of Work. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2004.
  • Lowe, J. Fletcher. Baptism: The Event and The Adventure: A Collection of Resources for Baptism and Baptismal Living. Leeds, MA: LeaderResources, 2005.
  • Mead, Loren. The Once and Future Church: Reinventing the Congregation for a New Mission Frontier. Washington, DC: Alban Institute, 1991.
  • O’Connor, Elizabeth. Cry Pain, Cry Hope: Thresholds of Purpose. Waco, TX: Word Books, 1987.
  • Pierce, Gregory. The Mass Is Never Ended: Rediscovering Our Mission to Transform the World. Notre Dame, IN: Ave Maria Press 2007.
  • Rowthorn, Anne. The Liberation of the Laity. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock, 2000.
  • Schwab, A. Wayne. When the Members are the Missionaries: An Extraordinary Calling for Ordinary People. Essex, NY: Member Mission Press, 2002.
  • Schwab, A. Wayne and Elisabeth S. Hall. Living the Gospel: A Workbook for Individuals and Small Groups. Hinesburg, VT: Member Mission Press, 2010.
  • Spellers, Stephanie. Radical Welcome: Embracing God, The Others, and the Spirit of Transformation. New York: Church Publishing, 2006).
  • Thompson, William David. On the Job Prayers. Chicago: ACTA Publications, 2006.

Use the form below to recommend additions to these lists:

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