Work as Worship

Here is the link to a creative video by Right Now Ministries in New Zealand that tells the radical sending story visually. The video urges us to question the divide that many of us believe separates our weekday world from our worship.

Enjoy and be inspired.



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‘Now is our time to go’

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

Have you seen the latest ENS video of Michael Curry, author of Crazy Christians who was installed two days ago as presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church? It’s under four minutes long, and definitely worth the time.

Late in the video, he tells the story of a Mennonite pastor in Raleigh, sent there by his denomination “to organize a church in the community on the streets without walls,” as Curry tells it. “He said the Mennonite community asked him to do this because they believed that in this environment in which we live, the church can no longer wait for its congregation to come to it, the church must go where the congregation is.”

As we illustrate in Radical Sending, our Mennonite brothers and sisters have a long history of being the church, wherever they find themselves. In the church that Radical Sending envisions, congregations equip their members to do just that, to go be the church. As followers of Jesus, we are commissioned to carry God’s good news out into a world that is hope-starved and desperate for love.

Enlisting in the Jesus movement, as Curry calls the church, means being bearers of love and hope. Curry’s conclusion is a challenge to his fellow Christians:

Now is our time to go.  To go into the world to share the good news of God and Jesus Christ.  To go into the world and help to be agents and instruments of God’s reconciliation.  To go into the world, let the world know that there is a God who loves us, a God who will not let us go, and that that love can set us all free.

Go, let the whole world know!


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‘A calling in my heart’

Earlier this week, Nancy Davidge posted an entry in Episcopal Church Foundation’s Vital Practices blog. She references a radio interview with Andrea Campbell, a candidate in a hotly contended Boston City Council race. Campbell made her decision to run after reflecting deeply on her calling as a Christian.

It’s a bit sad that Campbell’s discernment process is newsworthy – but it is. All too often I catch myself thinking that politicians, lawyers, professional athletes – and any number of other “secular” vocations – would never recognize their primary calling: being all that God created them to be. Campbell made news when she described her thinking about running for office: “For months I said, ‘What is my God given purpose, what is my assignment?’ This run for city council is my response. I never made it about Councilor Yancy… It’s truly a calling in my heart and for me, from the beginning, it’s about how you bring a different perspective on the issues affecting the community”

When believers act on their faith, truly, the kingdom is very near.  Davidge kindly makes reference to Radical Sending in her blog, promoting the book as one path toward becoming comfortable with the idea that our faith can infuse every aspect of our lives. And she quotes Stephanie Spellers: “Church was never supposed to be just what we do inside a building or at a particular time on a Sunday. Church is who we are every moment, in every place.”

May Radical Sending inspire and nurture just such a “calling in your heart.”

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Now available for purchase

Radical Sending full rgb

Radical Sending is now available in bookstores and via online booksellers, in print and as an e-book. The book invites readers to explore what can happen when congregations understand that their mission is equipping the baptized to go out into the world to be church. Christ said, “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” Christ’s body, the Church, is meant to be a sending agency.

Order Radical Sending now.

This blog and website is designed to foster interaction around this audacious idea, and to provide a watering hole for those who want to practice radical sending.

Reproduction of the materials on this site is permitted for use in worship, education, and other nonprofit use, provided appropriate attribution is given to the authors and publishers.

Please explore the site, utilize the many resources, and enjoy the journey. And share your comments and additional resources, by using the contact form you’ll find our moat pages on the site. Happy radical  sending!

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